Innovative footscan soft-and hardware-systems for orthopaedics, chiropodics, podologics, physiotherapy and sportstrade:

In distribution we offer you user-friendly soft- and hardware, that conforms to the need of the market in the advising-domain of feet-analysis, shoe advise and multimedia advertising. High-tech standards, safety glass, ISO norms and CE-certification are self-evident.

Foot- scan- systems: Competence, know how and the optimal solution for orthopaedics, chiropodics, physiotherapy, sportstrade and so on offers a foot-scan-system with sprint- and shoeanalysis-evaluation. Our scan- systems offer you fast and easy operating situation, a perfect solution to bring you to the highest level in advice, anamnesis and diagnosis. The selling of additional equipment is multimedia-assisted. Your own know-how and competence can be used in a free configurable system. The perfect solution. Selling of orthopaedic sports arch supports is possible with this system.

Orthopaedics-compression-measuring: With our foot-compression-measuring-system you can determine all data for sprint- and footsituation dynamic and static. Selling of orthopaedic sports arch supports is possible with this system.

Foot- u. sport analysisprogramm: Our sprint- and shoeanalysisprogramme is a free configurable system that can be completly integrated in your mode of selling. Within one minute you can ascertain the perfect shoe for your customer. With one mouse click you decide, wether there should be given an advice in running- walking- ski or team-sportsarea. This programme can also be used as high end programme with already present equipment. Wether treadmill, scanner, measuringplate, mirrortable or thermoplate. fs- analyzer fits to every system and finds the right shoe and the perfect sports arch support. An integrated multimedia advertising facility is contained additionally. An absolute "runner" in value and price.

The application field is your shop. Salesrooms - fitnessareas -shopwindows - mediaareas and so on. You advertise your products professionally on monitors or TV screens.
Good value advertising possibilities for your shop.